Our favorite new space agey makeup sponge released limited-edition colors, and proceeds will go towards The Women’s March

Just when we thought we couldn’t love the Evie Blender makeup sponge any more than we did, we fell even harder. Times are rough, and supporting your fellow women is more important than ever. How does our new favorite makeup sponge play into that?

Not only is the company extending pre-orders, but they added additional products, limited-edition new Evie Blender colors, AND 5% of the proceeds will support The Women’s March on Washington and The Women’s March Global. Creator and makeup artist Angie Johnson has extended her Indiegogo campaign that raised 300% of its goal, and they want to pay the love forward!

During this crowdfunding pre-order phase, limited-edition colors are also available, and they are bewitching. The normally clear, silver glittered Evie Blender can be ordered as purple glitter, silver holographic glitter, or pastel (pink) rainbow glitter.

The fact that we can support the new makeup sponge while contributing to a great cause is amazing!


The Evie Blender is an innovative silicone makeup sponge, and we got a chance to try it out for ourselves! We found that it truly is a better-built blender.

With the Evie makeup sponge, so much less product is used and clean up is as easy as a wipe or a rinse. Less product means we are saving money, and easy clean up means we are harboring way fewer germs than traditional makeup sponges.


The initial Kickstarter to get the makeup sponge into production ran for two weeks with an amazing response.


The company decided to start the Indiegogo campaign as a way to take even more pre-orders while the patent is still pending. Blenders are expected to ship out around April 2017, according to the campaign’s page. For $28, you can look good and feel good!

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