Our favorite author’s new toy poodle dog is UNREAL

We love Kelly Oxford for so many reasons. We first girl-crushed after reading her hilarious memoir, Everything’s Perfect When You’re a LiarAnd then we started following her on social media and our lives improved vastly. Not only does Oxford post amusing descriptions of life with three spunky children, but her adorable dog and cats are often featured. Basically, her Instagram is the most entertaining thing ever.

Now, there’s been a new addition to the Oxford clan, and he is UNREAL. Meet Lou, a red toy poodle who has stolen our hearts:

Seriously, WTF.

No, but really: WTF IS HAPPENING?!?!

That face cannot be real life. NOT REAL NOT REAL.

And Lou likes to just sleep on other cute dogs’ butts. C’MONNNNN.

He’s like a ‘lil Beanie Baby!!!



But more importantly: THIS. BYE. WE R DED.