Our favorite affordable decor brand, Oh Joy!, is releasing an accessory collection for dogs

Dog parents, brace yourselves because your pup can officially now live a life as lavishly (yet affordably) decorated as yours. The pooch in your life can claim the same bright monochrome t-shirts and graphic patterned bowls as their owner. This is all made possible because the affordable decor brand, Oh Joy!, has a dog accessory collection currently in the works.

So now, courtesy of Oh Joy!, your little pup can work the dog park in a flirty new leash, and maybe even some bangin’ dog boots, because clothing is made up and you can do whatever you want — ESPECIALLY if you’re a dog. We can already predict the increased sightings of stylish pets on the street.

The details surrounding this new doggy line are still unfolding, but we do know that it will include collars, leashes, bowls, beds, toys, party hats, and clothing!

It’ll hit stores (online and IRL) on February 12th! — just in time to buy your pet a Valentines Day gift.

This week might be a good time to take your dog for a shopping test-run, in order to get a true feeling for what your dog’s aesthetic is.

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Be careful though, your pup might stash the plastic and get you in a world of debt.

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We’ll certainly be keeping our eyes peeled to see what puppy goodies Oh Joy! has in store.

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