This Ouija board-inspired makeup is getting us excited for the upcoming spooky season

Can you believe that October is just around the corner? The leaves are getting crunchy, everyone’s getting fresh fall haircuts, and we have a serious hankering for soup. These days, we’re loving trolling the internet for Halloween costumes and some really amazing stuff is starting to pop up. Our minds were seriously blown when we came across this Ouija Board-inspired makeup by self-taught makeup artist Megan Hellinger.

It’s creepy, ethereal, unusual, slightly kooky, and gets us right in the mood for Halloween!

Megan broke down the products used to achieve the look, so it’s definitely something you could try at home! We don’t know if we have the dexterity to do this on ourselves, but if you have the skills, give it a whirl!

It’s a gothic and romantic look — just what we enjoy during Halloween season! The white, heart-shaped planchette around her eye really does it for us.

Megan was inspired by fellow makeup artists Lauren and Lex. Check out their equally intricate and super spooky looks!

What’s great about makeup like this is that it can be customized to suit your own preferences.

You can go dark or light, dramatic or a bit more understated. Go all-out with an exact replica of the board, or just use certain elements, like the planchette-shaped eyeshadow, or draw a sinister crescent moon on your cheek.

It’s the perfect example of a unique beauty look or costume that you can tailor so it reflects who you are!

Would you ever try a Halloween look like this? I tend to be a low-effort Halloween kind of gal, but we are seriously feeling this look, and at the very least maybe it’ll inspire us to get out of our Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest Halloween rut!