Ouch, Cara Delevingne totally injured herself on set of “Suicide Squad”

Shooting a movie can be a ton of fun, but it doesn’t mean you’ll finish up the day without a few bumps and bruises. Cara Delevingne realized this the hard way while working on Suicide Squad, which hits theaters today.

“I walked into my trailer, like into my trailer twice,” Delevingne admitted to reported Marc Malkin from E! News. “There had to start putting some foam things on all the trailers because I walked into it so many times.”

Delevingne plays the role of Enchantress, and her costume was definitely an elaborate one. Unfortunately, it also caused a few problems on set.


“It was really made out of these hard bits of metal and stone and I was rolling around a lot. By the end I just had cuts all the way down,” she added. “That costume didn’t like me very much.”

While Delevingne might be known more for being a model, this isn’t the first time she’s acted. Her resume includes parts in Paper Towns, Pan, and Kids In Love, all which were released in the last few years. In 2012, she also had a role in Anna Karenina, playing the part of Princess Sorokina. So, there’s a great chance that her brief accidents on the Suicide Squad set won’t prevent her from taking on more impressive parts in the future.

It’s nice to know that while she’s typically known for having grace on the runway, Delevingne is still as clumsy as the rest of us.

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