Just the most intense ‘Once Upon a Time’ sneak peek to hold you over until the next episode

This season of Once Upon A Time has seen a complete role reversal for our main characters. Good has become evil, while evil is now the Savior, and Emma, Regina, and the rest of the Storybrooke gang are having a hard time figuring it all out. Us too. Now’s also a perfect part to mention that they’ll be spoilers ahead for this season of OUAT, so if you’re not up to date, get on that right now.

To bring everyone back to up speed real fast: Emma needs the rest of Excalibur to complete her Dark One dagger, but she can’t get it out of the stone herself. Only a hero can do that. However, the only hero she’s got happens to be Mr. Gold, aka Rumpelstiltskin, who Emma calls a “coward.” She’s got to turn him into a hero so he can pull the sword out for her, like THAT won’t be a hard task.

Conveniently enough, Emma’s got Gold in her clutches, and he’s not to happy about that. In a brand new clip for this week’s episode, “Dreamcatcher,” Gold pleads to be let go. He explains to Emma that this is a BAD IDEA, because you know, all magic comes with a price. Emma will hear none of it, and Gold even mentions that even while he was the Dark One, everything he did was for his son (Balefire/Neal, and the fact that Gold name drops him here makes me very excited because I’m on a one-woman crusade to bring Neal back from the dead, except that I have no magic myself).

Sadly, none of Gold’s begging works and Emma sends him out into the forest to become “brave” with Merida. Emma’s also literally got Merida’s heart in the palm of her hand. Eek. None of this looks good for anyone. Hopefully both of them make it out of the forest alive, because if not Emma is going to be REAL mad. You don’t want to make the Dark One mad.

Check out the clip below, and hopefully you can last till Sunday night to check out the full episode.

Image via ABC