The ‘OUAT’ creators are staying very quiet about the show’s LGBT romance

This season of Once Upon A Time is doing something brand new and exciting: It’s going where no Disney fairytale has gone before. The show isn’t going to a brand new location or anything — ahem, Camelot — but rather into uncharted territory when it comes to love, romance, and LGBT inclusiveness. As previously announced, the show will feature its first same-sex pairing this season, but as for who it is? That’s tightly-guarded under a pretty big enchantment spell.

The reason behind all this secrecy for the new couple is super simple, and super awesome. According to the show’s executive producers, they’re not looking to make any sort of huge statement with this new romance. Instead, they’re trying to integrate it as easily and smoothly as possible, just like all the other romances on the show. And seeing as how Hook once ran away with Henry’s grandmother, and is now dating his Dark One mother, an LGBT relationship might actually be THE most normal thing the show has ever done.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Adam Horowitz explained that their “goal is to make [the relationship] as we see it in the real world… and as a part of every day life, as it should be.” The writers have been shying away from questions because they’re not looking to make the introduction anything other than normal.

“Our worry is the more the press asks us, the more it’s turning into the very special episode of Once, where we have a gay character, as opposed to what we wanted, which was we tell a story of love,” he continued. “We also feel the weirdness of the more we talk about it, the more does it seem marginalized as opposed to normalized. That’s where we are and why we’re hesitant to comment specifically on what our plans are.”

So far, the only character who’s been introduced as LGBT is Mulan, and she made her grand reappearance in last week’s episode, “The Bear King.” We learned, spoiler alert, that Mulan’s heart had been broken after Aurora had a baby with Prince Philip, and now our favorite warrior was on a quest to find herself. However, keep in mind that it’s never been specified that the relationship we’ll see will have Mulan paired off. There are lots of other characters on the show who we haven’t seen in a while, and OUAT certainly loves to surprise us.

Even though we might not know who will be the focus of this new relationship, at least we know it’s coming, and it’s a short magic portal/magic bean/Dark One curse away.

(Image via ABC.)