You otter watch this video of a baby sea otter learning to swim!

The Shedd Aquarium is teaching an orphaned sea otter how to swim and survive on his own. This little fuzzy pup was orphaned off the coast of California. Without learning the things most baby otters learn from their mothers, like how to regulate body temperature and how to swim, this otter would not have any hope of survival. Southern otters are on the threatened species list and “Pup 681” requires round the clock care. He was transferred from The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sea Otter Program to Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium where he now has a team of experts to watch him and make sure he grows into an equally adorable adult otter.
To learn more about the The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Sea Otter Program and how to save these adorable creatures check out the info HERE or HERE to report a stranded otter.

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