This video of an otter mom and her pup is giving us heart eyes

The Monterey Bay Aquarium posted a seriously adorable video of a wild seat otter mom and her newborn pup. The pair is seen swimming together in a tide pool at the aquarium. Technically, the pup is using mom as a floatation device, but she definitely doesn’t seem to mind.

The whole thing is so sweet to watch. Even the part where mom licks her pup’s feet (and tush?).

The Aquarium posted this caption along with the video:

“The wild sea otter mom and pup that captured our hearts this weekend will likely move soon from our Great Tide Pool to the kelp forest out in the bay so mom can forage for a much-needed meal! Mother otters certainly have their paws full nursing and grooming a newborn pup, as you can see in this clip. By the time a pup is two months old, it’ll have shed most of its fluffy pup coat and be doing lots of exploring and even a bit of diving. Soon it will be playing its role as a keystone species, keeping kelp-grazing sea urchins in check!”

The wild otter mom took shelter in the tide pool a few days ago to give birth. This video shows the actual birth, with mom delivering her own baby:

We love them and their relationship, and we are forever impressed with moms of all species. #momgoals

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