This little otter eating lettuce is all the cuteness you’ll need to get through your day

No matter  what, animals always make our day. Whether it’s a moonwalking wiener-dog or a French Bulldog trying to swim in a pool without water or a kitten who thinks she’s a lion or a compilation of cute puppies, we can’t help but feel all those warm and fuzzy feelings of love.

Today’s cute-as-a-button animal is a different from all the rest: an otter eating a big head of lettuce. And yes, it is as hilarious as it sounds.


This adorable otter looks like he’s having a grand old time chilling indoors and munching away on this yummy snack. One of the comments on Twitter says, “I want to squeeze him and kiss his lettuce lips,” and those are OUR THOUGHTS EXACTLY.

Undeniably 2016 has seen its fair share of tragedies, so this simple otter video is exactly what the world needs to remember the good, fun times. Enjoy, pass on, make someone else’s day just as warm.

Otters forever!

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