This OTHER famous Joker is giving Jared Leto a run for his money

Jared Leto may be the latest famous person to bring the iconic villain to life in the Suicide Squad movie, he’s not the only celebrity with a well-known take on the iconic character.

Mark Hamill was hanging with comic book co-publisher, writer, and artist Jim Lee recently. The actor was taking a tour of the hallowed halls of the DC comic world for his new show Pop Culture Quest and took some time to enjoy the drawings of Batman’s infamous rival, the Joker (which he famously voiced in Batman: The Animated Series and, more recently, The Killing Joke). He even stopped to take a picture with a pretty sweet drawing of the character he so masterfully voices.

The sketch was apparently a gift from Lee himself, which Hamill clearly loved.

So in exchange, Hamill gave a different sort of gift back to Lee. He recorded a personalized voicemail greeting for the comic book connoisseur as the Joker character himself. Since he’s had plenty of experience with the voice, he obviously nailed it.

Lee shared it to his Instagram page so we all could enjoy the evil perfection it is.

Between the creepy-sounding voice and the chillingly evil laugh, we have to admit that it’d be nerve-wracking to listen to the entire thing just to leave a message. And, of course, we now want one of our own, like, ASAP.

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