The Honest Trailer for the 2018 Oscars is here, and it reminds us that we will never forget the 2017 envelope mixup

To say that the 2018 Oscars Best Picture race is tight would be an understatement. Every single film in the nominee slate is considered a pretty strong contender, from the heartwarming coming-of-age story, Lady Bird, to the historical epic, Dunkirk. Each one has something different to offer, and it could be anyone’s game. If you haven’t had the chance to catch all nine nominees on the big screen, then look no further than Honest Trailers’ Oscars video, which offers a no-holds-barred take on each flick, while making you literally ROFL all at the same time.

The folks at Honest Trailers don’t give a prediction for which film they think will take home the coveted golden trophy.

But, they do provide you with all the laughs with their hilarious rundown of what’s in contention. The narrator starts with addressing last year’s monumental disaster: “Only one of these nine films will win the coveted title of Best Picture…unless the guy in charge of the results screws up because he was on his phone backstage and they accidentally give it to someone else.”

Then, they begin the no-BS rundown by poking fun at The Darkest Hour, saying, “You’ve seen Dunkirk‘s breathless portrayal of heroism in the face of death. Now, prepare for a movie about all the talking that was going on at the same time.” It moves onto The Shape Of Water, pointing out that it’s essentially “a love story between a woman and the fish prisoner in her lab” and that that “sounds creepy when you strip the art away from it.”

Call Me By Your Name gets the same treatment, but with a huge reference to that infamous peach scene, stating how it had peach farmers like, that’s “not why we grow them.” And aside from Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri‘s powerful performances, they say that it’s also a film where we can all stop referring to Sam Rockwell as “that guy” and “start referring to him as that guy, you know, from Three Billboards.”

Phantom Thread probably got the lightest jab, but it’s still funny nonetheless. They joke about how Daniel Day-Lewis is an “obsessed craftsman who has trouble separating his art from his personal life” in the movie, which, coincidentally, is kind of how he is in real life. And as for Lady Bird, they make fun of the title character’s music choices, because apparently, “Crash” by Dave Matthews Band isn’t exactly what you would refer to as cool.

They proceeded to call out Dunkirk, saying that even though it’s visually stunning and action-filled, it’s still very much “needlessly out of sequence.” It’s something you’d expect only from Christopher Nolan, “best director of all time according to every anonymous online metric.” The Post, meanwhile, gets beat up for being “so calculated to win Oscars, they may as well have just put ‘Academy Award Nominee’ in the title.”

And last but definitely not the least, Get Out was described as a “horror thriller that holds a mirror up to smug, affluent white progressives. In other words, The Academy.”

Watch the supremely honest Honest Trailer for the 2018 Oscars below:

Now, let’s hope the Oscars ceremony, which airs this Sunday, March 4th, is this funny…

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