The Oscars just released the longest promo ever for this year’s race, and this better not be foreshadowing

It seems like only yesterday that Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway delivered the Best Picture flub heard round the world, but it’s almost been a year. Awards season is about to kick into high gear again, and the Academy just released a lengthy promo to get all us movie superfans HYPED for Oscars 2018.

Jimmy Kimmel will return to the Oscar stage on March 4th to host this year’s event, and while several movies (Lady Bird, Get Out, The Disaster Artist, etc.) have already been getting plenty of buzz, at this point, the field is still pretty wide open. It may not be quite as wide open as the promo would have us believe. (Like, Daddy’s Home 2 probably isn’t a Best Picture frontrunner, despite its appearance in the promo supercut.) But as we all know, awards season can be full of surprises.

The Oscars teaser features clips from movies that have already been big in 2017 and a few we’re looking forward to in the coming month including Get Out, Wonder Woman, Girls Trip, The Post, Molly’s Game, Beauty and the Beast, Spider-Man:Homecoming, and more.

We can also expect the standard pizazz from this year’s show — musical numbers, elaborately choreographed opening skits, some kind of running joke that tries to make light of how awkward that Best Picture moment was last year.

Okay, fine, we’re guessing about that last one, but the promo does include a clip of it, so…do with that what you will.

The promo also promises glitz and glamour on the red carpet, as usual, and Kimmel bringing his charming comedic A game.

The Oscars teaser is a little on the long side and we’re hoping that doesn’t mean the ceremony will follow suit (although, let’s you real, the show almost always runs over our DVR selection). It also doesn’t reference anything political, though we’d bet good money the tense climate will prompt more than a few impassioned acceptance speeches.

And we’ll obviously be looking out for a more rigid winner envelope distribution system, because, yikes, we seriously can’t stop thinking about how awkward last year was.

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