Oscar Party Pick ‘Em: And The Winner Is…

Most of the time, Honey’s Huddle is all about sports – from a gal’s point of view. But there’s a different kind of championship about to “kick-off”. The 85th Annual Academy Awards will play out on Sunday, Feb. 24th, at 4 pm (PST) on ABC. The champs of the silver screen – and their fans – will be holding their breath to see who will get to take home the hardware. Much like the Super Bowl, it’s an event perfect for a party!

So, why not add an element of competition to make your party even more interesting? What would you be willing to wager on your keen ability to pick the winners?

Of course, you can’t bet money. That’s illegal, right? But what about a premium bottle of vino? Or a full-service spa pedicure? Sounds like a party to me! What I’m willing to wager right now is my pride and reputation as I make my picks first – even though I haven’t seen all of these films. I’m not going to tackle every award, but the “Big 6”, plus one for fun.

Best Picture, My Pick: Argo

With Ben Affleck recently winning the Director’s Guild Association (DGA) award for Best Director, there’s a lot of buzz around Argo. I also think that this very serious film about a very serious crisis that happens to be resolved by filmmaking seems like a winner with the Academy.

Best Director, My Pick: Steven Spielberg, Lincoln

Since Mr. Affleck wasn’t nominated in this category, this would be a great way for the Academy to split their votes and honor both men for amazing movies. I just think Argo will take the bigger prize.

Best Actor, My Pick: Hugh Jackman, Les Miserables

This is a “dark horse” pick, for sure. The favorite has to be Daniel Day-Lewis for transforming himself completely into Abraham Lincoln. For me though, Jackman gave such a powerful, emotional performance and somehow, pulled off an impressive vocal performance in the meantime – live, wired without lipsyncing!

Best Actress, My Pick: Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty

I know that Jennifer Lawrence has been stealing headlines everywhere for the last 18 months. But, Jessica Chastain manages to carry a heavy movie with power and grace amid an impressive, mostly male cast. That’s what I call “girl power”.

Best Supporting Actor, My Pick: Robert De Niro, Silver Linings Playbook

Like the choices for Best Actor, this category is also very tough. My thinking; Christoph Waltz and Alan Arkin have both taken Oscars home in recent years. This would be an opportunity for the Academy to honor aging, Hollywood royalty, De Niro, for one of his better performances in recent years.

Best Supporting Actress, My Pick: Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables

Though she wasn’t in the movie for many minutes, every one of them was spellbinding. And, I have to make reference back to my Hugh Jackman pick. Giving a heart-wrenching, raw and moving performance while singing one of the most powerful pieces ever written for theater – and doing it well – is an accomplishment beyond my imagination.

Best Song, My Pick: “Skyfall” from Skyfall

This song is perfectly smooth, sultry, smokey and oh-so Bond-ish. What can I say? Adele, you amaze me.

Now it’s your turn! You’ve got your ballot right here. Kick out some copies for you and your Oscar loving friends and get ready to party. And remember, it’s not a party without the cheese.

Your Oscar Ballot

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