Oscar Isaac is completely different but also exactly the same in the “X-Men: Apocalypse” trailer

The new trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse is here, and it is INTENSE. Once again, the X-Men have to stop the destruction of the world from falling into evil hands, and there are some epic fight scenes, crazy fightin’ moves, mind control, Evan Peters in leather pants, etc. etc. But looking past all that, two words about this new trailer: Oscar. Isaac.

Okay, three words about this new trailer: Blue. Oscar. Isaac.

Remember how much you loved Poe Dameron’s sweet x-wing swagger during Force Awakens? That’s completely gone here. In a whiplash 180 move, Isaac has gone from hero to villain. In X-MenApocalypse he actually plays Apocalypse, a mutant pretty set on controlling and destroying the world.

Seeing Isaac as the bad guy is a little bit weird. Seeing him as a blue mutant is very weird. It’s hard to really acknowledge that the Isaac we know and love is also now Apocalypse. It doesn’t even look like him anymore! Movie magic makeup is CRAZY.


Isaac just before winning a Golden Globe for his work in HBO’s Show Me A Hero and Isaac moments before he turns on his mutant powers are basically night and day. But they’re the ~SAME PERSON~


But then, the more you keep looking at this new, blue Isaac, the more you’re like, “oh yeah, he’s still the exact same Isaac we know and love!” Like, sharing a quick moment with Finn can easily segue way into trying to destroy Charles Xavier.


Inside Llewyn Davis is ~basically~ the same thing as Inside Apocalypse.


And know how Poe and BB-8 were BFFS during Star Wars? It sure does look like Apocalypse and Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique are going to be BFFs, too! (KIDDING. KIDDING SO HARD.)


This is all still brand new uncharted Oscar Isaac territory. Will we still feel the same way about him after the events of X-Men: Apocalypse? We’re going to find that out together, one way or another, when the movie lands in theaters on May 24th.