This affordable natural hair brand has a new line for protecting curls from heat damage

Straightening curls must be done with care. Heat damage can permanently destroy curl patterns and turn healthy textures into lifeless strands.

If you like to toggle between voluminous styles and sleek lewks, never ever skip out on heat protectors. We’d even suggest going the extra mile and switching up your entire wash day regimen when you know you’ll be straightening. Hey, you can never be too careful.

Drugstore natural hair brand ORS recently launched an entire line to protect against heat damage and repair already damaged hair.

The ORS Black Olive Oil Repair 7 line offers seven benefits (of course). The five-piece line works to add shine, control frizz, add body, protect against heat, fight breakage, reconstruct and strengthen hair.

Start with the sulfate-free shampoo ($7.99 ) followed by the rinse-out conditioner ($7.99). Before reaching for the blow-dryer or flat iron, ORS recommends following up with the leave-in conditioner ($8.99) and the leave-in treatment ($10.99), combing it through to make sure every curl gets in on the party.

For added shine, rub a few drops of the ORS Black Olive Oil Elixir ($10.99) through strands.

While we totally trust ORS (they’re an OG Black hair care brand, after all) it’s still a good idea to avoid heated styling tools as much as possible. If you choose to straighten, protect your hair with a silk scarf or pillowcase to preserve the style without needing to reach for the flat iron.

While it’s possible to have healthy curls with occasional straightening, purists like The Curl Doctor Shai Amel recommends avoiding straightening altogether. If you choose to go straight from time to time, pretty please use a heat protector. We’re begging you!

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