How ‘Orphan Black’ genius Tatiana Maslany reacted to her first Emmy nom

For someone so immensely talented, Tatiana Maslany is also immensely humble. Her reaction to finally receiving an Emmy after three seasons of Orphan Black — and three seasons of fans, critics, and Billy on the Street SCREAMING for her to be recognized — shows how wonderful, selfless, and thoughtful Tatiana really is. Honestly, she could have been nominated per character and have filled the Lead Actress in a Drama category.

She said to Variety on Thursday:

She added:

See?! All of that right there. Thanking the fans, the disbelief that anyone would care..? She’s flawlessly played over 10 different characters for three years and she thinks it’s crazy that people care? Truly a humble soul who places the credit in the hands of her supporters and considers it a recognition for the show as a whole when speaking about her own Emmy nomination.

You probably already know we love Orphan Black, and Tatiana’s performances has inspired many Clone Club MVPs, but it’s refreshing (and a relief) to know that she’s truly awesome in real life.

We’re rooting for you, Tatiana!