‘Orphan Black’ Clone Club MVP: In the end, everyone wins

It’s the Orphan Black season three finale Clone Club MVP choice you were waiting for! Everyone is a most valuable player in Clone Club! Well, everyone in the Bubbles dinner scene. The thing about Clone Club is that everyone plays a part, which is how they’re invited into the club in the first place. First our Sestra clones, then Mrs S and Delphine, then the boys who support our leading ladies.

Sarah is, of course, our number one MVP, our fearless leader. There are so many forces against her and her sisters but she makes the tough decision regarding which enemy to side with each day that will buy her and her sisters more time. Her reveal to Ferdinand about playing Rachel in the premiere was an example of Sarah at her most valuable: bold in her threats, yet still cunning in her approach. Ferdinand never even knew.

Alison’s value comes from something she said in her toast. Alison’s story was so separate from the rest of the group but it was important because of its relatable nature. She shows the other girls what they are fighting for: the right to have a family, to be happy, to run for local office or whatever. They let Alison live the dream the rest of them are fighting for, and if they lose, at least one of them got a chance to live a normal life. We’re not crying over the beauty of the clone club Sestras, you are!

We know Cosima handles all of the science, but her moment with Kendall Malone (aka the original Castor and Leda) showed her other strength: her compassion. She shows kindness even in the face of someone spouting insults at her. Her ability to relate to someone even as jaded, as “foul” as Kendall Malone, shows how important Cosima is to the group. Even Alison, who is seems all sweet and pink and bubblegum, has a bite to her, a wariness that comes from constantly protecting her family. Cosima, on the other hand, walks with her heart on her sleeve. It got her in trouble with both Cosima and Shay, but here is where it works in her and her sisters’ favor.

Helena drops everything to help her sisters. We knew this, but Helena’s character growth is the most dramatic we’ve seen as the series has progressed. She went from killing her surrogate mother to asking after her “mother-Sestra” at a table of sisters she almost killed. But just because she’s “chosen another path” now, doesn’t mean she doesn’t help out when needed. Helena is a deadly angel. Her fight with Rudy is both punishment and mercy; she watches him bleed and calls out Rudy on his violence towards women, but also lays with him and caresses his face as he dies. Helena is the most valuable contradiction to Clone Club.

Also, Helena is the only person who can give someone a bloody nose with a roll of duct tape.

Even with all the hatred Siobhan has towards her mother, she still sits Kendall and Sarah down to chat about how they all came to be together. Her love for Sarah trumps her hatred for her mother, S’s love for Sarah trumps everything. And then, after all is out there in the open, she promises to find a safe space for her mother to hide, using the very skills that brought Sarah to her (through her assistance with Duncan).

(Also: notice at the Bubbles dinner, she’s at one of the heads of the table, it seems all of Clone Club is adopting her as their new mother. )

And let’s raise a glass for Delphine, who sacrificed herself for Cosima and her sisters.

She struggled balancing her feelings for Cosima with protecting Cos and her sisters from Topside and whoever else was after them all season. But in the end, she chose protecting Cosima over giving both herself and Cosima the togetherness they both wanted. Notice how Delphine went on her goodbye tour, but she didn’t stay for dinner, because she knew she was being followed. She didn’t want to bring more trouble to their door, didn’t want to ask them to save her, so she quickly found a space away from anyone and met her fate (possibly).

The men of Clone Club all work in support of the ladies, their value comes just from being there when the girls need them.

AND THEN FEE BASHES IN THE DOOR. Felix was a beacon of support this week, compared to his reluctance to help in past episodes. Felix is over being nervous or scared or annoyed by the wacky goings on around him, he’s taking charge and carving a place for himself with Sarah and Mrs. S..

Art was sadly sitting things out this season, but his inclusion in the finale gives us hope that he might find a way back into the main story again. We’re glad they didn’t leave him out. His love for Beth, his support of Sarah, and his willingness to do whatever it takes to help them both is evident even in the simple procurement of a safehouse. Whatever Sarah needs, he finds a way to supply it (or he supplies the sane reason why Sarah’s requests aren’t doable).

Scott set up the lair, and supports Cosima with whatever she needs, even if it’s just someone she can spout science to who will understand her.

DONNIE FOUND JESSE FOR HELENA. “We thought, you know, it would be nice for you.” Donnie’s support of not only Alison, but Helena is so wonderful. He always checks in to make sure his girls are OK. (Also, Donnie affectionately calling Helena “monster” gave us heart-eyes emoji again. We platonically ‘ship them SO HARD.)

“I know that whatever comes next, we’ll face it together. As a family.” Great words, Sesta-Alison.

Until next season Clone Club! <3

Clone Club MVP: Alison

Clone Club MVP: Major Paul Deirden 

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