‘Orphan Black’ Clone Club MVP: Alison Hendrix and her pink hats

Congrats to Alison, our pick for this week’s Clone Club MVP. Why is this episode her episode? Because of the way she triumphs over all the obstacles that come her way (which are many).

We’ve been waiting for Alison to get her moment in the spotlight and for her story to connect just a little bit more to the rest of the overall plot, and this week that finally happened. Alison’s campaign for school trustee is usually so isolated from the other story lines, but thankfully it’s now a bit more connected to Felix and Cosima. Applause.

When it comes to this episode’s revelations: Turns out Alison and Donnie have been continuing to monitor Alison’s health (her BP is 110 over 90), even while she’s been running for School Board Trustee. While Donnie goes with Jage (ahem, Jason) to drop off the money for the product, Alison goes to Bubble’s to meet her mother Connie. (Why oh why does she have my name?!)

We learn several things from the very important Connie-Alison encounter:

1. Connie has very high expectations.

2. Connie is not very politically correct.

3. Connie doesn’t want to give Alison the store.

4. Connie is voting for Marci Coates.

5. Hendrix is Alison’s maiden name, Donnie took HER last name!

6. Donnie’s name is Donald Francis Chubbs!

7. Connie is a bit of a hypochondriac, which she uses to get her daughter to come running to her side whenever she wants.

8. The reason Alison is a clone is because Connie went behind her husband’s back and asked for a sperm “upgrade.”

In the ep. Alison, must deal with her mother while simultaneously saving Donnie when he brings the wrong envelope to the drug dealers. Jage is also putting the moves on her (well, Cosima, really), plus doing her school board election stuff (as well as agreeing to pee in a cup for Cosima). Phew, did you get all that?

But in true Alison fashion, she makes everything work out. Donnie is saved. She convinces Cosima to pee in her own cup (this show, you guys). AND she gives an epic school trustee speech off the top of her head (after Cosima outs her as a “lesbian .  . . supporter”).

Then Alison decides to take back even more control of her life. After Connie hands her the papers for Bubbles, she introduces Cosima and tells her mother she’s a clone, information her mother refuses to believe.

At this point Alison walks out (MVP status). She’s had enough. Her struggle has always been others controlling her or keeping things from her; being a cog in a wheel. But she’s finally through with all that. Ever since rehab, she’s been fighting to be her own woman and now we finally get to see her accomplishing that, especially by distancing herself from her mother.

Now with Alison in charge of Bubbles, Connie can go off to Florida and stay away from Clone Club.
MVP runner-up: Alison’s delightful cotton candy pink hats!