Orlando powerfully celebrated LGBTQ pride five months after the Pulse shooting

Orlando’s LGBTQ pride celebration took place on the 5-month anniversary of the Pulse Nightclub shooting. 

The Come Out with Pride event was originally scheduled for October, but Hurricane Andrew forced organizers to reschedule. In a fitting tribute, the city opted to hold the event on the anniversary of the shooting, which killed 49 people and injured many more.

The Orlando pride event attracted 150,000 people, Mic reports. That’s tens of thousands more than previous years.


Neema Bahrami, Entertainment Manager at Pulse, told Mic rescheduling the event was “meant to be.”

“Orlando had one of the biggest tragedies happen to it. So, we’re not going to let them be forgotten, but we’re here to celebrate who we are, where we came from, and how proud we are,” he said.

And really, isn’t that what Pride is all about?