Orlando Bloom shared the BEST #Throwback pics to celebrate the 15th anniversary of “Lord of the Rings”

To celebrate the momentous fact that the movie version of Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring turned 15 YEARS OLD (OMG) this week, Orlando Bloom shared some incredible LotR #throwback pictures on Instagram and Facebook and we’re feeling hella nostalgic.

First things first…HOW HAS IT BEEN 15 YEARS SINCE LotR!? Gosh we feel as old as Smeagol right now. Secondly, we still LOVE going back to Middle Earth whenever we can. Whether it’s being inspired by the hobbits and their friendships or wishing we could visit an IRL Minas Tirith, we still simply can’t get enough of Frodo, Bilbo, Gandalf, and the whole gang.

To celebrate this HUGE milestone, Orlando Bloom (who, of course, played the elf Legolas in the movies and the prequels) decided to that he’d delve into his archives and share some behind the scenes pictures from shooting the movies.

Firstly, Bloom showed us what it was like becoming Legolas with a an Insta post, including the lengthy prosthetic process that most of the cast had to undergo.

However, most of the most amazing pictures were shared on to the star’s Facebook page.

Orlando firstly shared this cute picture with him and the stand-ins for the whole fellowship.

It seems that there was no shortage of downtime either. Well, we guess an elf as chilled as Legolas would need some time to relax, right?

Those geeks and fangirls among you who have watched ALL of the extended editions and their various appendices will know that some of the cast took up extreme sports while on set in New Zealand. For example, here’s Orlando with some hobbits surfing.

They also had to travel to certain locations via helicopter (perfect time for a picture, tbh).

Bloom also shared this picture of him and co-star Vigo Mortensen (who, of course, played Aragorn) just chilling in a helicopter. Casual.

Check out Orlando Bloom’s full BTS Lord of the Rings pictures here.

Okay, after seeing these pictures we’re totally going to have to dig up our Lord of the Rings DVD collection (Extended Editions only, right?) and delve back into Middle Earth.

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