In appreciation of Orlando Bloom’s tiny teddy bear dog

We love a man with a love for animals, and Orlando Bloom is pretty high on our list right now. It helps that Bloom owns an adorable teddy-bear-like dog that he basically carries with him everywhere.

According to Orlando’s Instagram account, this tiny, super-cute red poodle’s name is Mighty. Which is hilarious and ironic and we’re obsessed. Not that we’re knocking the name choice, because this little guy has definitely clinched a mighty hold on our hearts.

Just look at him hanging out with his dad at LAX last week. Like…we love you, Orlando, but we’re pretty sure the paps were there for the dog.


The smile on the actor’s face says it all, tbh. Who can be annoyed when they’re holding a stuffed animal that happens to need to be fed a couple times a day? AKA. the dream of everyone who wasn’t allowed to have a pet as a kid.

Here’s Mighty jamming out to Michael Jackson with Orlando and his 6-year-old son Flynn earlier this month, proving that he is a chill brother with flawless musical taste.

The daddy/doggie duo who naps together stays together.

Real-life breathing pet or the most lifelike creation you can get at Build-A-Bear?

Basic training camp for the Cuteness Army (it’s a thing).

We have no words, only “AWWWWW”s for the foreseeable future.

Not only is Orlando a great pet owner, BUT he also is an animal-loving good Samaritan in general. In October, while filming in Shanghai, he rescued an injured pup and took her to the vet to make sure she was patched up and bathed. Aw!

And who can forget his adorable pup/longtime BFF Sidi? Peas in a pod.

Is it weird that we’re secretly hoping that Orlando, Flynn, Mighty, and Sidi start their own YouTube channel chronicling their adventures around the world? We’ll be waiting patiently, and stalking Orlando’s Instagram account in the meantime.