Orlando Bloom is now blond and we are feeling it


For me, Orlando Bloom will always be the brunette hottie who battled pirates to rescue Keira Knightly. He was just so dashing. Remember that sword fight with Johnny Depp? Yes, please:


Now, Orlando has embraced his blond side with his latest Instagram:

What’s even more exciting about Orlando’s blond hair is the fact that he’s finally made his Instagram account public! He’s had an Instagram account since 2015, but he finally went public with a photo captioned “I caved,” letting us know he’s given in to our multiple requests to view his photos!

And there are some great ones.

Like this suave pic with menswear designer Ziggy Chen:

This silly police selfie:

This photo with Star Wars droid BB-8:

And this sweet photo of Orlando with his son, Flynn:

The shift to public even delighted his ex-wife and co-parent Miranda Kerr, who commented “nice one” underneath the blonde photo. She’s not the only one who’s thrilled, considering the over 13,000 likes! We wonder what Orlando’s current girlfriend Katy Perry thinks of his new ‘do and move to a public ‘gram?

Right now on Orlando’s Instagram, there’s only one (very grainy) video of Katy Perry at Burning Man.

Then again, we go to Orlando Bloom’s Instagram to look at Orlando Bloom, not the stars he hangs out with!

We can’t wait to see else what he posts now that he’s public!

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