This is what the ORIGINAL Myrcella from “Game of Thrones” looks like now, in case you’re wondering

Although she’s not a “main” character on Game of Thrones (but who cares because we LOVE THEM ALL), fast-nose-bleeder Myrcella Baratheon, aka Joffrey and Tommen’s sister, was certainly a presence on the show. You probably remember her best from her tragic end…in her uncle’s (actually, her real dad’s) arms.


YEAAAAHHH. That sucked, sorry Myrcella.

Well, when we originally met Myrcella, way the heck back in Season 1, she looked more like this.


And make no mistake, this is NOT the same actress.


The last time we saw Myrcella (alive) – when she died in Jaime’s arms – she was being played by Nell Tiger Free (pictured above on the right). However, the ORIGINAL Myrcella was played by Aimee Richardson (pictured above on the left).

And while we don’t know why Richardson was recast, it looks like she’s still in good spirits and doing well, because here’s what she looks like now, four years later.

And here she is with IRL Shireen Baratheon (you know, the adorable burned-for-no-good-reason, daughter of Stannis?!), Kerry Ingram.

Clearly, she’s enjoying some time with her family…

…and friends.

In fact, it turns out she’s pretty funny IRL, too. Back in 2014 (when the recast happened) she posted this funny Vine sitting by the side of a road with a sign that says “princess for hire” and the caption, “Well, this is embarassing.”

LOL, well at least you got to avoid a gruesome death Aimee!

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