The original Gerber Baby is 91 now, and you can totally see the resemblance

Last month the original Gerber baby turned 91. The iconic sketch of the curious baby face has been on Gerber labels since 1928, and that face belongs to a woman named Ann Turner Cook, the original Gerber baby, who celebrated her 91st birthday on November 20, 2017. As we celebrate this woman’s long life and status as a household image, we can’t help but notice that the resemblance is still there!

According to back in the ’20s an artist named Dorothy Hope Smith made a sketch of then-baby Cook and entered it into a contest held by Gerber to find a new baby for an advertising campaign. Gerber chose Smith’s image and has been using it on labels ever since. We wonder if Cook and Smith get royalties?

For many years nobody knew the identiy of the baby in the sketch. It wasn’t until 1978 that Cook’s identity was revealed to the public, and just last month, Gerber dedicated a Facebook post to celebrate the life of Cook and her face’s contributions to their brand.

Beyond her career as a infant model, Cook is an accomplished mystery novelist and retired English teacher.

The photo above is Cook in all her Gerber baby glory:

And here she is now:


This is the actual sketch that launched her legendary face:


To this day telling someone’s baby that they have a “Gerber face” has become such a compliment, and we have to give it all to Cook for being so photogenic on that fateful day all those years ago.