This origami-like “flat spoon” is the only measuring spoon you need, and we really want to play with it

What do you get when you combine a cool design with an every day kitchen concept? Many nifty kitchen tools (some more successful than others) have popped up in the last few years, boasting accessibility and, most of all, convenience. From the innovation of the portable espresso maker, to this fascinating-yet-weird egg cooker we saw on Cutthroat Kitchen, times are a-changin’, friends. With the way kitchen tools continue to evolve, it feels like the future is now. Which is why we’re pumped to bring this tool into the fold.

In January 2017, this amazing origami-like spoon will be shipping out to Kickstarter backers, and we’re throwing our money in to get one ASAP!

At first glance, the Polygons tool just looks like a flat sheet or an unmarked ruler. But at closer glance, it’s much cooler than it looks. Coming in teaspoon and tablespoon measurements, the Polygons tool folds into whatever shape needed based on where you pick it up. This sounds daunting, but the tool has the measurements etched into the surface to help us out. Whew.


There are a couple other pros to the tool, including it being a multitasking tool — use it for spreads during breakfast! — and our personal favorite, being easy to clean. No more scrubbing at a measuring spoon and holding it into the light to see you missed a spot. Just unfold the spoon, and scrub, and you’re good to go! Dreams do come true.

So reach out for that recipe you’ve been meaning to try in the new year! You’ve got a cool new spoon to use. (What a sentence.)

You can get your hands on both sizes of the tool over at Kickstarter for $12. Happy cooking!