How to organize all your beauty products when you’re a makeup lover

If you’re a lover of all things related to beauty, chances are your home is overflowing with cosmetics of every kind. Nail polish on the kitchen table, eyeliner in your utensils drawer, a rogue red lipstick fallen into a shoe. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

There are two ways to deal with your makeup obsession — either you do a massive cleanout or you organize it like a straight up beauty boss. Here are 10 ideas for cosmetics containers that will bring some kind of method to this beautiful madness.

Zahra Spinning Lipstick Tower, $79.20


This tower is basically like a princess castle for your lipsticks. Don’t have enough shades to fit the 81 slots? There’s a miniature version too.

Acrylic Lipstick Organizer, Amazon, $14.89


If you want something a little more subtle than an apartment complex for your lipsticks, there’s this!

Acrylic Lip Gloss Organizer, Amazon, $19.99


Sorry, you’re going to need a separate holder for all those Kat Von D matte lip stains and Kylie Jenner glosses. It comes in five different colors, too!

Metal Nail Polish 6 Tier Organizer Display Rack, Amazon, $39.99


For nail polish aficionados, this salon-style wall organizer is a magnificent dream.

Nail Art Cosmetic Container, Amazon, $5.76


Need something JUST for your nail art? This cute portable holder will hold all of your decals and nail gems.

Acrylic Eye Liner/ Lip Liner Organizer, Amazon, $17.99


Sure, you can easily keep your eyeliners and lip pencils in an old mug, but doesn’t this just look more SLEEK?

Acrylic Palette Organizer, Amazon, $29.99


Don’t think you have to keep your Naked palettes in some dark, far-away drawer. Display them loud and proud!

Acrylic 5 Drawer Case, Muji, $34.20


If you’d rather keep all your cosmetics together in one place, Muji has some great stackable options.

12-Section Shallow Section Bamboo Tray, Container Store, $14.99


And if you want to keep your products tucked away in a drawer, this bamboo sectional tray is perf.

Malm Dressing Table, Ikea, $149


Need an entirely new piece of furniture for your products? Do NOT be ashamed. This Ikea vanity dresser will be your new favorite place to spend your time.

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