You can get involved with these organizations to help get female politicians elected

The results of this this November’s presidential election shocked a lot of Americans, many of them women who were hoping to finally see a woman shatter the thickest glass ceiling of all: the one at the White House. While it’s easy to feel discouraged and disheartened after this defeat, it’s better to use those feelings to get motivated to find national organizations you can get involved with to help female politicians get elected. The 2016 presidential race may be over, but there’s always another year.

When it comes to politics, women are largely underrepresented on every level. On a national scale, women are only 20% of the 100 person Senate and 19.3% of the 435 person House of Representatives. When you look at local-level positions, only about 19% of mayoral positions are held by women, and statewide executive level positions are filled by 25% women.

After this year's election, headlines boasted news about a record number of women of color being elected to the Senate -- but in reality, that record number was still sparse: only four.

Despite the fact that women are in the majority in the United States, and despite all the gains we have made in the areas of business, education, and technology, we are continually underrepresented in the politics that dictate what we can do with our bodies, how much we deserve to get paid, and how we’re protected against violence. We deserve a bigger say in the issues that really matter to us, and the best way to do that is to get involved.

Need help figuring out how? Here's a list of 5 national organizations you can get involved with to help female politicians get elected, because it's time we broke the glass ceiling once and for all.

Emerge America

Emerge America is a women’s organization and in-depth training program for aspiring Democratic politicians in over 16 states, including Arizona, California, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin. Since the first state launched in 2002, the Emerge network has trained over 2,000 Democratic women to run for office, and over 50% of the alumnae have either run for or been appointed to local boards of commission. A diverse group of successful women — 70% of women who have run have won — 39% are women of color.

If you’re interested in getting involved: Join the Emerge America network, recommend a woman to run for office, apply to the program, or contribute.

EMILY’s List

The mission of EMILY’s List is to elect pro-choice Democratic women to office — women who will help realize their vision of a government that reflects all of the people it serves equally. The organization has more than 3 million members and over 800 election victories to its name. Candidates they’ve supported include Catherine Cortez Masto, Tammy Duckworth, Patty Murray, and, of course, Hillary Clinton.

If you’re interested in getting involved: Support EMILY’s List, attend an event, run for office, or apply for a job or internship.

Women’s Campaign Fund

A national nonpartisan political organization supporting women at all levels of office, Women’s Campaign Fund believes in getting involved in the earliest stages of public life. They are committed to financially supporting women candidates on both sides of the aisle, and since their founding in 1974, they have helped nearly 2,000 women run their campaigns on the federal, statewide, and local level.

If you’re interested in getting involved: Support the WCF, join the network, become a WCF BFF, join the leadership circle, apply for a fellowship, or support women candidates.

Running Start

The goal of Running Start is simple: educate young women and girls about the importance of politics, and give them the skills they need to successfully run for office. Founded in 2007, Running Start introduces a select group of young women to the intricacies of politics, to the world on nonprofit organizations in Washington, D.C., and to the hard work it takes to see women in politics succeed.

If you’re interested in getting involved: Contribute to Running Start or become a member, apply for one of their programs, or attend a summit.

She Should Run

A national network of women inspiring each other to get involved with politics, She Should Run is a non-partisan organization dedicated to expanding the pool of elected female leaders. Started in 2008, the She Should Run movement has helped over 100,000 women of all walks of life run for public office, and gotten thousands of others involved in the political process.

If you’re interested in getting involved: Join the She Should Run campaign, become a Frontrunner, ask a woman to run for office, nominate yourself for office, or join the She Should Run Incubator.

And check out more organizations that can use your support here!

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