Buy a menstrual cup on International Day of the Girl and this company will donate one to a girl in need

Thursday, October 11th is International Day of the Girl, and if you want to celebrate by helping others, we have the perfect idea for you—especially if you’ve been thinking about trying out a menstrual cup.

In a press release, menstrual cup brand OrganiCup announced it will donate a cup to a girl in need for each cup purchased today through October 15th. You can stock up and know that someone who needs a cup will receive one—what better way to look out for your fellow women?

"While menstruation is the most natural thing in the world, it often keeps girls out of school and the workplace," the press release said. "This hinders their educational achievement and social and economic empowerment and growth."

Different types of menstrual cups have been gaining popularity in recent years, including the DivaCupLunette cup, and OrganiCup. All are made from medical-grade silicone (which is vegan), and the OrganiCup is certified hypoallergenic. Each OrganiCup cup costs $26 and comes in two different sizes—one for women who have already given birth vaginally and one for women who haven’t—and only needs to be emptied twice a day, which makes it super convenient. Plus, it lasts for years and helps the planet, since it seriously reduces the waste that pads and tampons can create, and it’s extremely cost-effective.

OrganiCup’s website lists more than 12 organizations it works with to provide cups to women who need them most all over the world, and to help break the stigma that still surrounds menstruation.

We love that the company is helping women get access to menstrual cups who might not otherwise have it. Not a bad way to celebrate International Day of the Girl at all—but don’t forget, this only lasts until Monday.