Organ massage is the next big wellness trend, and we’re absolutely fascinated

We’re all grateful for that little back massage at the end of a mani/pedi, or one of those blissful metal spidery things that you push down against your scalp (you know the one), but have you thought about how you’ll massage your organs today?

Neither did we, until Visceral Manipulation, aka organ massage, was introduced to us today.

Those parts nestled away under muscle and skin and tissue may need a little TLC of their own. The massage is not exceedingly enjoyable nor hard and painful; but designed to relieve tension in the torso, where most of our vital organs are found. Fascinated? Confused? We’re right there with you.

Organ Massage includes medium pressure throughout your abdomen which aims to release stress and built up tension. Who couldn’t use a little stress relief?

According to Lauren Mechling at Vogue, who underwent the mysterious massage for “research,” says “the practice claims to help with a host of issues including sleep, mood, digestion, pain, trauma, and stress.”

After her gentle abdomen message (the aim was to “wake up a little communication between the gut and the brain”) and a few loud gurgles, Lauren reports feeling agile and calm before experiencing a little sourness in her belly later on. A call to gastroenterologist and associate clinical professor Lisa Ganjhu confirms to Lauren that her aches are most likely an after effect of the massage, but not to worry.

We can already see organ massage rising the wellness ranks, right there alongside cupping, juicing, and vagina facials. This time next year half of Hollywood will be Instagramming about it.

So, does an organ massage work? See for yourself! Pro tip: Make sure your masseuse is a professional who knows when to stop if there are signs of resistance from your body (or brain!). Otherwise, show those intestines some love and get your organ rub on!

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