Prepare yourselves for the OREO-THEMED menu at McDonald’s — we’re not kidding

There’s been a lot of food-related news headed our way lately. This time, Oreo lovers are rejoicing with the addition of a new Oreo-themed menu headed to McDonald’s.

Sadly, the Oreo-themed menu is an exclusive for McDonald’s locations in Hong Kong — and man, are we jealous!

The limited-edition menu has all the delicious Oreo-themed goodies for customers to enjoy, made from a partnership betweenMcCafé and Oreo Thins. The best part is the variety of desserts, ranging from an Oreo cappuccino (the “Oreoccino”) to Oreo Tiramisu latte, and a Chocolate Cheese Tart. Images of the new desserts have been all over Instagram, making American Oreo lovers really jealous.

If you’re planning a trip to Hong Kong to get your hands on these Oreo-themed desserts, make sure to share pics on social media for those of us who are drooling from afar!