This genius beauty blogger made mascara out of Oreos

We love the mighty and powerful beauty bloggers and vloggers of the interwebs. How would we get our Saturday night smoky eye REMOTELY on point without their handy-dandy YouTube tutorials? That said, we have a very special place in our hearts for the beauty gurus who revolutionize the beauty game, and our current favorite makeup pioneer is Katherine Ward of xxmakeupiscoolxx who recently posted a vid showing us all her recipe for making mascara out of Oreos.

The question on everyone’s lips is “Yeah, but does Oreo mascara actually work?” Judging from Ward’s video IT ACTUALLY DOES. Oreo-ized lashes=volumized lashes.

The next question of course is “Yeah, but is it worth it?” As Buzzfeed pointed out, the cost of the materials is $40. 45 plus tax. To be fair, a lot of these ingredients you probably have lying around your house. Also, about 15 bucks of that price tag comes from Smashbox Primer being a main ingredient (the fancy makeup, it does not come cheap, my loves).

Still, even if you did have all the ingredients stocked in your medicine cabinet and kitchen drawers, the fact remains that for the price of a pack of Limited Edition Mini Oreos (Ward uses Christmas Oreos in her vid) you could totally just go to the drugstore and buy a mascara.

So this is definitely not a timesaver or a moneysaver. It’s just FUN to know that your mascara is made out of cookies. And fun, as we all know, is priceless.

We’re looking forward to seeing what comes next in the brave new world of snack cosmetics!

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