Grab your spoons: Oreo O’s are coming back to stores

Oreo lovers rejoice, because we have the best news of the day for you. Oreo O’s are making a comeback. So grab your milk and spoon NOW people.

That’s right — after 10 long years, Oreo O’s are returning to store shelves, and we absolutely cannot wait.

Eating Oreos for breakfast was probably our favorite thing to do in the late ’90s and early 2000s, so we’re thrilled the old school snack is coming back to our pantry shelves to sweeten up our breakfast game again.

And even better? They’re coming back so soon, with some stores receiving the cereal in June…o baby!


The original Oreo O’s were sold stateside from 1998 to 2007, but became a highly-coveted breakfast commodity when they were pulled from shelves. The cereal continued to sell in South Korea, with boxes on eBay going for as much as $226 (OMG) for those desperate for some chocolaty, marshmallow-y goodness in their mornings.

Post has heard our calls, and now they’re bringing Oreo O’s back into our lives ten years later, confirming the mini-Oreo cereal “will start rolling out to Walmart shelves this month and will be available at grocers nationwide in the coming months,” according to a spokesperson for the brand.

According to Delish, the new and improved Oreo O’s won’t have marshmallow bits like the South Korean version, but we don’t even care, to be honest.

For an amazing throwback Thursday moment, check out this hilarious commercial for the original Oreo O’s from 1998 in which the cereal caused a nationwide milk shortage.

We kinda have a feeling the same thing will happen again, so dairy farms, gird your loins. We’re so ready for this.