Here’s yet another Oreo flavor you can now buy in real life

While Oreo’s slogan “milk’s favorite cookie,” is pretty great for advertising purposes, we’ve begun to think it should be altered to include the fact that the cookie company can’t, and won’t, stop when it comes to new innovations and flavors. Gone are the days when Double Stuf are the craziest Oreos you can get: In the last two months alone, we’ve received both Oreo Thins and Brownie Batter Oreos. Now, as we transition into autumn, we’ve been told that Toasted Coconut Oreos are now a thing!

Consumerist shares that not only are these cookies real, they contain some actual coconut flakes in the cookie’s coconut-flavored crème filling. We’re excited about this for how it will affect both the flavor (because artificial coconut flavoring can be rough for our taste buds) and the texture of the cookies.

Consumerist also quotes an early review of the cookie, which likens them to “eating a crunchy, portable version of a coconut cream pie.”

And with that assessment, we are officially sold on this idea.

While the good folks at Consumerist think this flavor will go swimmingly when eaten with the Key Lime Pie Oreos (yes, these are also a thing), we have some potentially crazy/ potentially brilliant ideas of our own. We think that eating them with classic Oreos (for a chocolate-y coconut cream pie vibe) or perhaps even with Pumpkin Spice Oreos (for a tropical yet autumnal treat) might just be the way to go.

While these Oreos definitely sound delectable, they may not be the easiest to find: Not only are they limited edition — say it isn’t so — apparently thus far they’ve only been spotted at Meijer stores. POPSUGAR has our backs, though; they have shared that you can also snag Toasted Coconut Cream Oreos on Amazon, albeit for the pretty steep price of $14 a package.

For now, all we can do is cross our fingers and hope this treat receives a wider release. Well, that, and check the grocery store down the street every day until they (hopefully) arrive.

(Image via Nabisco.)