Someone invented an Oreo cookie butter, so cancel all our plans forever

Food can and should be fun. In recent years, we have received so many fun food blessings, and this year will be no different.Because now, Oreo cookie butter exists.Thank you, Dominique Ansel, pastry chef extraordinaire.

Inspired by the #MyOreoCreation contest, Ansel whipped up a delicious spread inspired by an Oreo.

It sounds amazing. Ansel’s Oreo Cookie Spread is a dark chocolate ganache infused with cookie crumble and a hidden layer of milk ganache (the “cream!”) in the middle. Sign us up to eat that for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, okay?

Though many of us have fond childhood memories of eating Oreos, Ansel only recently had his first Oreo cookie. As he told Food and Wine, Ansel didn’t grow up with Oreos in France and only had one after moving to the States. He jumped right in, dunking them in milk as one should.

"I was told you have to eat them with milk, so I did and I loved the way that it melted," he said. "I loved the dunk. And then I learned that there are few different ways to eat them, some people dunk them into milk, some just bite into them, some twist the top off first. It’s almost like a ceremony or a ritual - the traditions of eating them is really intriguing."

Inspired by the many ways to eat an Oreo, Ansel decided to create an Oreo spread.

If you are like us, you might be wondering how to eat an Oreo cookie butter. According to Ansel, eat it literally however you’d like.

"There are lots of ways. You can eat it layer by layer or mix it up. You can spread it onto crepes, classic white bread, or soft brioche, eat it with some shortbread cookies, or try it with a bowl of fresh summer strawberries."

Ansel is no novice with fun food. He is the mastermind behind the Cronut, frozen s’mores, and burrata ice-cream. If you want to try the Oreo Cookie Spread, head to the Dominique Ansel Bakery in SoHo next weekend, June 10th and June 11th. The spread will be complimentary while supplies last.

Oreo does a fine job of creating delicious cookie flavors on their own, however, we are all encouraged to use our minds to create our own. The #MyOreoCreation contest is running through July 14th. If you have a genius idea, you might want to tweet it at them ASAP.

Meanwhile, you can find us daydreaming of Oreo cookie butter.