Oreo might be making candy canes, and Christmas just came early

Don’t get us wrong — we usually want summer to last forever. But we just received news that makes us want Christmas to come ASAP. According to the junk food Instagram account Candy Hunting, Oreo candy canes are happening for the Christmas season. O Holy Night!

Yesterday, Candy Hunting shared a photo of the upcoming release. As one would expect, the Oreo candy canes will be Cookies & Creme flavored. But the brain behind Candy Hunting is skeptical about how these will taste.

"Christmas preview: New Oreo Cookies & Creme candy canes!" Candy Hunting captioned the photo. "I highly doubt these will taste like Oreos, but hey, why not brand everything with Oreo to boost sales?"

We’re saving judgment until we’re able to taste one of these Oreo candy canes for ourselves.

America’s favorite cookie is known for taking risks within the world of sweet treats. Oreo O’s have recently made a comeback after 10 years off the shelves. There’s also a pre-made Oreo pie crust on the market, as well as Oreo Sticks N’ Creme Dip, Oreo ice cream cones, Oreo Dairy Queen Blizzards, and Oreo wafer snacks.

Honestly, we’re surprised it took Oreo this long to branch into the candy cane business.

Actually, Oreo did arrive on the candy cane scene a few years ago with their limited-edition candy cane-flavored creme filling. But, still! This new release is groundbreaking.

Oreo’s parent company, Nabisco, has yet to confirm the Oreo candy cane release. But the Candy Hunting Instagram account has been a reliable source in the past, so we’re keeping our hopes up.

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