The Oreo bagel is a thing and people are losing their damn minds

Move over Everything Bagel, there’s a new Queen in town.

Her name is Oreo Bagel and she hails from The Bagel Nook in Freehold, New Jersey.

This new social media food porn, yummy sensation, #ohemgee — whatever you’d like to call it — isn’t just a sloppy, thrown together bagel and Oreo hybrid. It’s a methodically baked Oreo flavored bagel, with Oreo cream cheese and a full Oreo cookie at the center.

According to The Bagel Nook’s website, the family-owned “funky and fun bagel store” is known for its inventive breakfast foods. In the past, they’ve sold micro batches of birthday cake cream cheese, maple bacon cream cheese, fruity pebbles flavored bagels, and inside out donuts. But the Oreo bagel has us chocolate-lovers salivating for a Jersey bagel like never before!