Today’s the one day you can order the pizza from ‘Home Alone’

Need a pizza fix? UberEats has got you covered with something special: today, and today only, you can get the Home Alone pizza, in honor of the icon film’s 25th anniversary.

First of all, yes you read that correctly. Home Alone is 25 years old today. And in case it’s been 25 years (or just feels like it) since you last watched it, here’s what the Home Alone pizza is: it’s a massive cheese pizza in a box that reads Little Nero’s (yeah, that’s a joke on Little Caesar’s, which was new and massive 25 years ago). It also comes with a code that will allow you to download Home Alone in HD. Pretty sweet deal!

We’re hoping this delivery comes without the property damage or that lonesome feeling of having your entire family forget you while they take a trip for the holidays. Burglars and hijinks are extra and come on the side.

The pizza special is available to order only on the UberEats section of the Uber app in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. If you’re new to UberEats, you can enter the code HOME ALONE and get $10 off your first purchase. And keep the change, ya filthy animal!

(20th Century Fox)