Apparently if you order the same food as your Tinder date, they’ll like you more

If you’re *extra* nervous about your upcoming Tinder date — and you’re not a picky eater — try ordering the same food as them. That’s right: New research suggests that ordering the same dish as your date could actually make them like you more.


According to a new study published in Journal of Consumer Psychology by behavioral psychologists at the University of Chicago, people tend to feel “closer to and more trusting of those who consume as they do.”

The study tested two groups of people — one in which strangers ate the same foods, and another in which they ate different dishes. Then, the study participants’ trust were tested through tests; those who ordered the same foods trusted each other more. “Food consumption further influences conflict resolution,” the researchers wrote. “. . . [F]ood serves as a particularly strong cue of trust compared with other incidental similarity.”

So how exactly does this work? The researchers claimed that ordering the same food is “especially beneficial for new relationships where people have limited information about the other person and are forming first impressions.” In other words, what your decide to eat might send cues about your taste, your background or cultural upbringing.

That said, you’re obviously not gonna be able to tell if the relationship will make it long-term just because you both ordered spaghetti bolognese, because “similarity in food consumption is not indicative of whether two people will get along or whether someone is trustworthy.” Remember, we’re only talking about impressions here.


So don’t change your order to something you don’t like just because your date ordered it. But if you want to try to make a great first impression over dinner, hey — it’s worth a shot.