This orangutan thinks these tiger cubs are his babies and it’s the best

Just because we just celebrated Mother’s Day doesn’t mean forget about all the amazing dads out there. It’s important to honor those fathers that go above and beyond, even if they’re not necessarily human.  We are currently obsessing over an adorable orangutan dad from the Myrtle Beach Society in South Carolina. This guy takes fatherhood seriously.  The best part about this proud pop? He adopted his three little bundles of joy! When the orangutan saw workers bottle feeding three too cute tiger cubs, he decided to step up to the plate. He’s a full on Mr. Mom who doesn’t shy away from responsibilities like feeding and snuggling. This adoptive dad doesn’t see species (or stripes for that matter) , he treats these three ferocious fluffballs like his own. If you want to smile all day long, check out this video of this blended family. Fair warning, it will give you literally all the feels.

Did you see that insanely adorable orangutan kiss? Be still our hearts. This loving bunch is a perfect example of family. Just because you don’t all look the same doesn’t mean you aren’t totally meant for each other. But we do have one question, you think this orangutan will teach his tots some essential orangutan skills? We could be looking at the first ever tree-swinging tigers!

(Image via here).

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