“Orange is the New Black’s” Taryn Manning looks stunning in her makeup-free selfie on Instagram

If you’re a fan of Netflix’s hit series Orange is the New Black, you likely think of actress Taryn Manning as the crazy-yet-loveable Pennsatucky who has gone through quite a few changes in her character over the seasons. In real life, Manning is barely recognizable when compared to her on-screen presence.


It’s easy to see that Manning is beautiful, both inside and out, whether on or off-screen. As you can see in the recent selfie she shared with her Instagram followers, Manning is embracing the makeup free look and we’re seriously loving it:

As Manning explains in her caption, she snapped this shot just after exiting the shower, sans all makeup. Whether you’re a celebrity or not, it’s become a bit of a societal norm to always wear makeup and look “done up” for photos, so it can be really refreshing and empowering to see celebrities embrace their faces, sans all extras.

In fact, Manning has a ton of really relatable and chill selfies on her Instagram. While not all of them are necessarily makeup free, they definitely seem like the kind of selfies we see of our friends when we’re scrolling their feeds, which is pretty neat and down to earth.

We love seeing Manning’s face, both on and off our screens. Keep up the empowering and positive work, lady!