Netflix just gave us the first tease for Orange Is The New Black Season 6 — and the ladies are *not* in good shape

“Bye bye, Litch, Netflix teases in the newly unshackled Orange Is the New Black Season 6 premiere announcement. The future is looking bleak for the ladies of Litchfield, because it appears that they’re leaving the familiar halls of the correctional facility they once called home. This is not good, you guys.

The 20-second teaser showed a destroyed Litchfield cafeteria, with orange smoke emanating from all corners. Outside the window, we see a bus harboring what we can only assume as the Litchfield inmates, departing the premises and heading to the unknown.

“This is a whole new world,” says Piper in the spine-chilling voiceover that’s interspersed with a “to the max” tag emblazoned across the screen. Uh oh, does this mean the ladies are going to be placed in a maximum-security facility after the riot?

Season 5 ended with an intense cliffhanger. After the 3-day prison-wide riot that sparked after Poussey’s death, the inmates lost the battle against authorities and were obliged to surrender. In the bunker, Piper, Taystee, Cindy, Alex, Crazy Eyes, Nicky, Gloria, Blanca, Frieda, and Red linked their arms and awaited their fate with bated breath as they prepare to face CERT team that barged into the room. Meanwhile, BFFs Flaca and Maritza were forcibly separated and put in different buses.

OITNB Season 6 might be the second to the last season for the award-winning dramedy. Show creator Jenji Kohan previously revealed that she’s planning to wrap the series after seven seasons, unless they introduce a new set of characters and have more stories to tell.

"I haven’t made a final decision yet, but I’m leaning toward ending it after seven — although the nature of the show is one that can go on and on because you can bring in new people," she told the New York Times, adding that she already has an ending in mind, but won't disclose anything at the moment.

Are you ready to bid farewell to Litchfield? Orange Is The New Black Season 6 hits Netflix on July 27th.

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