Let’s figure out what’s happening in this new “Orange is the New Black” trailer!

Orange is the New Black dropped the first trailer for its fourth season and it is dark. While Litchfield has never been a walk in the park, things seem to be going from bad to worse in the prison. Enemies are made, rules broken, and even Suzanne‘s witty one-liners can’t distract us from the fact that we’re in for a whirlwind of a season. So much happens in the trailer that we tried to break it down below, but fair warning: it’ll make waiting for that June 17th release date even harder.

Some things haven’t changed. For instance, Red is still up to her usual tricks…


…and, unfortunately, it looks like Sophia is still in SHU.


But other than that, Litchfield is going through a massive change, starting with a whole bunch of new inmates who are making the prison seriously overcrowded:


This means they’ve had to bring in some new guards, but it looks like they do things a little differently…


It also looks like people have brand new jobs. Taystee is living the (Litchfield) life of luxury at her own desk…


Whereas the rest of the inmates are busy digging this giant hole. Seriously, what’s with the hole?


Finally, there are a bunch of quick moments that are making us super worried and giving us so many questions that we won’t get answered until next month. For instance, why is Gloria being taken by a CO (and where)?


Who hurt Suzanne and is she going to be okay?


And finally, how did Tiffany become the voice of reason in all of this?


We hope this won’t be the only “Orange Is The New Black” trailer to tide us over until the season’s full release, but it’s definitely given us a lot to think about before the big day. Check it out for yourself below! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

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