Orange is the New Black is switching up the title sequence for Season 6 — and the ladies are off to a terrifying new prison

So it’s official. The inmates of Litchfield are off to explore a “whole new world,” and the brand new Orange is the New Black title sequence is testament to the changes we are about to witness.

In a previously released clip, Netflix teased that Piper, Alex, Red, & Co. would be shipped off to a maximum security prison — but it’s only now that we’ve gotten a first look at just how drastic an adjustment they’re about to face. While Litchfield used to (for the most part) be a walk in the park, this new maximum security prison is far, far from that. While the brand new title sequence is still set to Regina Spektor’s iconic “You’ve Got Time” anthem (so yes, you’ll still be singing along to ?”the animals, the animals” ?), the visuals are slightly different.

References to Litchfield have been completely removed to make way for images of the new facility. The payphone visuals are replaced with the ladies’ new bedrooms, which look tighter and more limited than those at Litchfield. It may be a sign that the ladies got their phone privileges taken away. The sequence also features the new shower area, which has spots for handcuffs. Yikes!

For reference, here is the title sequence from Seasons 1 through 5:

In addition to the title sequence, Netflix released a series of still images of the new institution to familiarize us with what’s to come, and let me tell you, it does not look good. Unlike Litchfield, this prison has zero open spaces, stripping the women of their right to privacy. Everything looks suffocating, all metal doors and restrictive bars. No doubt about it, this will be a difficult place for the ladies to call home.

Orange is the New Black Season 6 hits Netflix on July 27th.

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