Netflix just fixed that major mistake in the last season of “Orange is the New Black,” and thank you, Netflix

Fans of Netflix’s prison-set dramedy Orange is the New Black are fierce. You can’t get a single thing by us, so when the show made this *egregious* editing mistake in the most recent season, we definitely noticed — but thankfully, Netflix has come out with a correction.

For those of you who missed the Orange is the New Black error, it happened in the scene in which Maritza and Flaca are filming a contouring beauty tutorial for their prison vlog. Maritza talks about DIY prison beauty and how instead of her Mac Pro Palette, she uses kitchen spices to contour.

The three spices she rattles off are cinnamon, cumin, and Sazón Goya, only instead of showing Sazón Goya, the camera zooms in on a bottle of Adobo. Adobo. Sadly, you did read that right.

And um, excuse us, Netflix?!

Netflix realized how deeply upset viewers were with their flavor flaw and decided to make a special video, “Abuela’s Cut: Saźon vs. Adobo,” to make amends. In the video, they’ve rightfully added Sazón Goya in.

"Some fans noticed this huge flavor flaw in Season 5 of Orange Is the New Black, so we made this very special Abuela's Cut to make things right," the streaming giant wrote.

And Twitter users are thrilled.

But, one did ask for another, unrelated correction…

And others showed their concern about Sense8, asking for more than the planned finale special.

Seriously, people are really not happy about Sense8.

We’ll see if there are any other updates on the Sense8 front, but in the meantime, we’re thrilled that the Saźon vs. Adobo issue has been resolved.

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