The five best eyeliner looks from “Orange Is The New Black” (and how to do them)

I, like everyone else in my immediate circle, have been spending the past week deep in the Netflix hole that is season four of Orange Is The New Black. In between hyperventilating about the ineptitude of the new guards and crying about the decisions of certain characters, I noticed something: their eyeliner is on point. How they have time to run drug cartels and perfect their cat eye is beyond me, but they do, and we are all better for it.

I took the liberty of rounding up some of the best eyeliner looks below, as well as some awesome YouTube videos to show you how to create them. You can thank me later, because I have to go back into my Netflix hole now.

1. Maritza Ramos


If I had to pick a queen of eyeliner, Maritza would be it. She puts a twist on the basic winged eyeliner, lining her upper and lower lashes, and using one long, thin stroke for the wing.

2. Alex Vause


Like her personality, Alex keeps her eyeliner blunt and to the point, finishing it off with a sharp uptick.

3. Nicky Nichols


Nicky doesn’t have time for fancy eyeliner, and sometimes, neither do we. In her look, all the emphasis is on the lower lash line and it’s super easy because you don’t need to be precise. The point is to be smudged and smokey.

4. Red


In the kitchen, Red rocks the oft-forgotten double-winged look. It reminds us of the talons of an eagle, and is sure to scare away your enemies.

5. Marisol ‘Flaca’ Gonzales


Saving the best for last, Flaca’s eyeliner is definitely the most creative. While she may not often have much to say, she says it all with her eyes, and that’s what matters.

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