Whether you are determined to achieve a tiny goal or even to change your whole life, believing that you can is the first and most important part.

It’s timeless wisdom perhaps best said by the character Yoda in Star Wars, “Do or Do Not” and  “There’s no try.”

I believe anyone that heard that agree he is so right, but never really put much more thought into it. See in the movie it triggers  Luke Skywalker to harness “The Force” and master his own internal resources.

Yoda’s message is clear. Our ability to achieve a goal is based on our belief that we can, and on your determination that we will.

Most of the time I hear people say ”I will try”.  I think that is a cop-out. It’s implying that you are not completely willing to do something. If you don’t want to then just don’t and I’m sure you won’t.  In my experience, if you are halfheartedly trying, you are extending your energy without a powerful sense of connection to a positive outcome – you might as well not try at all.

“Try” is a state of effort without complete intention and commitment – so it’s leading to failure.

So why are we stuck saying that horrible word if we know it’s not leading us anywhere? My guess is that it’s fear of the unknown. We know our present state, even if it’s not where we want to be . We don’t know what life is like or going to be like after we achieve something.

I know someone (who  is desperately wanting a shot at success), this person is a hard worker when working . I have encouraged this person. I have gave this person opportunities to grow. But every time this person got a chance, they either worry about whether or not they can do it or forget about the opportunity all together. Rather than going out and getting something or taking an opportunity that comes their way and making the most of it. They would rather sit around and bitch about what they don’t have or ask for some type of hand out.

HELLO !!!!! The world is not going to just hand you want you want. You have to go out and make it happen for yourself. I always hear from this person  “I’m trying” but then this person would stress over every bad thing and have a shadow of self doubt lurking around every corner. I hope this person achieves something great, but unless their outlook changes, I’m sure this person will be stuck in neutral.

People tend to think that when they are successful, they will feel that way too. Not always the case. I think it works the other way. People who believe they can do something 100% are the ones that commit themselves more and can’t help but achieve their goals.

So does having optimism guarantee success and achievement of goals? Of course it doesn’t. But I believe that they are essential for sure.

It’s like this: “If you know you will win, you might win. If you think you might win, you will lose.”

So if you’ve been struggling to make progress in life or on a goal, create somestarter success. Start with one doable goal like drink more water and less soda. Once you have focus and complete that goal set a little bigger one.

Build up all your success. Feel good about all of it. But keep in mind that both success and failure are contagious. These things can spill over into other areas of your life, either bringing good or bad.

So don’t tolerate hopelessness in any part of your life. Instead take Yoda’s advice ”To  Do.”  You’ll be stunned at the results.  And like Luke Skywalker you’ll discoverThe Force was with you all along.

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