This girl has created the coolest optical illusion on the Internet

If you’ve ever visited San Francisco, then you know the hills are NO JOKE. I’m talking full-body workout hills. These are serious this-is-burning-my-calves hills. Well, Karen Cheng, viral video creator (you might recognize her from the Donut Selfie video that now has over 1 million views on YouTube, or that one video where Cheng pretends to be a robot making breakfast), and filmmaker Ross Ching decided to make the best of the arduous San Fran landscape: they made a video. In it, they shot Karen and friends running up  the hills and posing in place or against other people —but the camera is tilted, so it looks like everyone is defying gravity. And it’s awesome.

The quick video, titled “Tilting the Streets of San Francisco,” already has over 183,000 views —and that’s probably because Karen and her friends look like they’re having the most amazing time running up steep hills and creating optical illusions with the camera.

“The week before we filmed this, we ran all around San Francisco looking for steepest streets we could find,” Cheng writes in the video. Sounds exhausting, but the hard work definitely paid off.

Watch Karen, Ross and their friends play around their camera and create one of the coolest optical illusion, ever.

(Image via YouTube)