This insane optical illusion will make you think a doggo is getting thrown out an airplane

We love optical illusions. And we love dogs. And while we’re not very fond of the idea of a doggo getting thrown from a plane, we’re down for an optical illusion that may, for a few seconds, make us believe that such an act is happening. (Just as a disclaimer, no dogs were hurt in the making of this illusion.)

The gif made an appearance on Reddit on Monday, March 26th, in a subreddit called r/nonononoyes. The purpose of the subreddit is to showcase things that look like they may go horribly wrong but have a happy (and sometimes unexpected) ending. While it was submitted by a user by the name of umarhuzzy, it’s unclear as to whether or not the gif is an original. That same day, it also hit r/gifs, because people are now obsessed.

The star of the optical illusion is a cute Corgi who looks thrilled the entire time. But his adventure spooked a lot of people on Reddit, as well as Twitter, where the gif made the rounds yet again.

While you watch, remember that everything will end up just fine.

Yes, we also thought the piles of snow were clouds. Even after watching it a few times on loop, it’s still hard not to cringe a little when the dog gets dropped.

Thankfully the cute Corgi is just enjoying a snow day (as he should). While we’ve been super bummed about the early spring snowfall that’s hit a lot of the country, this optical illusion is a solid reminder that snow does have its perks.

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