Oprah’s straight-up amazing reply to TI saying a woman can’t be president

Oprah for president of everything! If she can shut down global sexism the way she shut down T.I. this week, we could see some major changes happening.

Earlier this week, rapper T.I. gave a radio interview that outraged pretty much everyone. “Not to be sexist but,” he began (uh oh), “I can’t vote for the leader of the free world to be a woman.” He went on to say that “women make rash decisions emotionally – they make very permanent, cemented decisions – and then later, it’s kind of like it didn’t happen, or they didn’t mean for it to happen. And I sure would hate to just set off a nuke.”

Hoo boy. It was one of those moments where you don’t even know where to start with a response, unless of course, you’re Oprah.

When TMZ asked Oprah how she’d respond to T.I., she had a few words to offer. Twelve to be exact. And they were perfect.

“Honey child, hush your mouth. You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

That’s right Oprah! Shut it down! Nothing else needs to be said, because T.I. clearly doesn’t know what he’s talking about. But when Oprah scolds you, you apologize, and that he did.

There goes that “I’m sorry I offended you” response we’ve seen a lot of recently, which is, of course, different than, “I’m sorry I said it.” Anyway, it’s too late. The Queen of All Media has already weighed in and shut those sexist comments down, like the boss that she is.

Watch all of Oprah’s awesomeness below:


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